Owls Nest Licensing Information

Your dreams can come true

If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  This could be your future.

 Where do antique collectors, thrift shoppers, craft lovers, families and anyone looking for a special bargain or find go? They go to the largest, the cleanest, the friendliest, the most organized and respected name in the business! Owls Nest Antique Mall & Flea Markets!  Market research shows Owls Nest Antique Mall & Flea Markets outperformed their competition in immediate and surrounding areas by 80% in sales and 90% in obtaining and retaining vendors.  One fact is very clear about our stores, they are successful because our business model and formula for success WORK! Now you can reap the benefits of it too!

If you are considering a licensing opportunity remember...

  1. Owls Nest Antique Mall & Flea Market revolutionized the antique and flea market industry.
  2. Brand recognition that is growing every day.  
  3. Store layout, design, point of sale system, business infrastructure and everything you need is provided.
  4. Simple, easy to understand licensing agreement options.
  5. A business design that thrives and a team that will hold your hand through every phase of your business growth.  
  6. Low upfront costs that provide quick return and impressive gains.  

Be the one in your area to bring Owls Nest Antique Mall & Flea Market to your location! Get started today by downloading the Licensing Application Request form. E-mail the completed form to owlsnesttopeka@aol.com or Mail it to 3411 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka KS 66611.  

We offer Licensing packages that include multiple levels of involvement from the original Owls Nest Antique Mall & Flea Market creators and market specialists. 

Minimal investment Maximum gain

In this turn key business, you will receive amazing returns on an incredibly low investment. We provide software, business model, standard operating procedures, complete market analysis, real estate selection, and our own investment of capital depending on the Licensing package that works best for you and your store. 

Fill out an application

Please click on the file below and fill out our initial application to becoming a licensed Owls Nest Antique Mall & Flea Market owner.  Once you have filled out the application, you may E-Mail or mail it in for our review and approval. 

What Happens Next

After review, we will contact you regarding your application.  If an application is approved, we will call you to start the licensing process. Following this assessment and agreements, we will come to you and provide on site market analysis, real estate discovery and finalization of licensing paperwork. 


Our application for opening your very own Owls Nest is coming soon!